Independent Contractor / 1099 Validation and Management (AOR)

The personal and business flexibility afforded using Independent Contractors and 1099 Workers also comes with exhaustible amounts of paperwork and management responsibilities.

Advantage xPO’s Independent Contractor and 1099 Validation and Management services provide a streamlined manner so you experience the full benefits this workforce option promises.

Benefits of IC / 1099 Services

  • Contractor compliance with client background checks, drug screens, NDAs and more
  • Onboarding documentation management
  • Contract administration
  • SOW execution
  • Regulatory reporting requirements
  • End of year 1099 reporting and distribution
  • Audit files maintained
  • Single point of contact throughout the assignment
  • Management of Invoicing and payment
  • End-of-engagement management
  • Risk mitigation for IC compliance
  • Relieves stress on Purchasing and Accounting personnel

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