Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Unlock your talent potential with RPO solutions.

Whether you have recruiting challenges—such as high turnover, a candidate shortage, or long time-to-fill rates—or you simply want to optimize your hiring strategies, it may be time to outsource some or all recruitment processes to Advantage xPO.

While traditional staffing companies focus on filling job vacancies, Advantage xPO takes recruitment processes to the next level through innovative strategies, advanced technology, and scalable solutions. 

As your partner, you will leverage the expertise of our recruitment professionals without investing in building your own recruitment team, and you’ll also gain valuable insight into enhancing your candidate experience and your employer brand. 

Three Types of RPO Agreements

Program outsourcing: provider manages hiring for a specific division or job type

Project outsourcing: project-based recruiting with a start and end date

Total outsourcing: provider manages and provides the entire recruiting and hiring process

RPO Services

Our approach is highly flexible and adaptable to your specific requirements—no one-size-fits-all solution here! While one client may use RPO to supplement their existing recruitment team, another may use RPO to hire on-demand during seasonal or temporary hiring spikes. 

Your custom solution may include any combination of the following: 

  • Candidate sourcing
  • Process mapping
  • Hiring manager training
  • Interview training
  • Compliance tracking
  • Third party vendor management
  • Onboarding

"[Advantage] xPO provides best in class support to our teams. The recruitment market has been challenging over the past few years and xPO has assisted us with our hourly hiring needs for over 5 years."

 Angelina S.  - HR Manager

Experience the power of a strategic RPO partnership with Advantage xPO. Together, we will optimize your recruitment processes, enhance candidate experiences, and ultimately drive your business forward. Contact us today to build a high-performing workforce for tomorrow!